A huge factor for business success and growth, for any size company, is enabling employees to be as productive and responsive as possible. Previously, only large enterprises possessed the vast purchasing power required to adopt new technology for improved communications and workplace efficiency.

Smaller businesses used to only dream of having deep financial pockets to afford such business significant solutions. Those days are gone. The evolution of technology, based on adoption of open industry standards vs. proprietary protocols, along with increased marketplace competition has given SMBs/SMEs access to all kinds of enterprise-grade communications technologies.

This unified communications guide provides SMBs/SMEs seeking to upgrade or create an IP-based network with useful information on how to begin the path of unifying voice, data, video and mobility applications for reduced costs and increased business effectiveness. Specifically, this guide summarizes the benefits of unified communications (UC), shares an example of how an SMB can move to an IP-based solution and how Grandstream can be your partner in building an integrated communications network for improved productivity,
reduced costs and better customer service. Small businesses no longer have to shy away from, or sacrifice enterprise capabilities based on cost or complexity issues.